The eVienne project's objective was the development of a prototype for a lightweight, electric vehicle suitable for use in cities and based on bicycle technologies, capable of being utilized in all kinds of weather, and for transporting of two passengers with a light extra load. This easy to use vehicle shall help in daily activities such as shopping, traveling short distances, and taking children on board.

The ECODESIGN company GmbH was responsible for the technical development, FEM calculation, construction, and integration of Ecodesign. This work is not only based on technical know-how, but also on extensive experience, and passion for biking.

The project was undertaken in cooperation with partners Spirit Design - Innovation and Brand GmbH, ETA Umweltmanagement GmbH, and the Austrian Institute of Technology - AIT. The project received the support of a "Smart Vienna 2012" grant from the Viennese Technology Agency - ZIT, for which we reached the second place in the call.


For more information of product development and Ecodesign contact us:

Dr. Wolfgang Wimmer