International Energy Agency - Electronic Devices and Networks Annex

The ECODESIGN company represents the Austrian BMK (Federal Ministry of Climate, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology) in the Electronic Devices and Networks Annex "EDNA" of the International Energy Agency (IEA). EDNA is an initiative of the 4E Technology Collaboration Program, dealing with the energy efficiency of network connected electric and electronic devices. Network connected devices shall be constantly accessible, or at least at regular intervals in order to be controlled from the outside, which results in new possibilities for energy management. On the other hand, there is a responsibility to ensure that these devices require only minimum power to perform their functions and services.

The themes in ​​the EDNA Annex are broad and include most types of globally-traded electronic equipment, as well as network technology used for the various communication needs of consumers, businesses, institutions, and utilities.

Selected outcomes from EDNA Tasks and projects have been regularly presented by the ECODESIGN company at the International e.nova Conference in Austria as follows:

ECODESIGN paper to e.nova 2019

ECODESIGN paper to e.nova 2020

More information on EDNA is available here.