Gipuzkoa 2050 - Territorio 100% Circular

Working with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa in the Basque region of Spain, and with partner Teknimap, the project focuses on the development and inclusion of circularity criteria in the purchasing procedures of the provincial council, as a way to reach a 100% circular Gipuzkoa region by 2050.

We completed the first online workshop on November 09, 2020 with local agents from the recycling, construction, materials and textiles sectors. Impressions from the event are online here.

Two further workshops were held, the last one in May 2021, and a roadmap was set for continuing the project.

The deliverables of the project include three concrete tender documents for circular procurement of uniforms for nurses and care personnel in elderly homes, cleaning products and premises cleaning services, as well as for the construction and expansion of a wastewater channel. These three tender documents included a set of criteria for evaluation of social and economic indicators.