ECODESIGN is partner in the ERASMUS+ project BlesaBee

The European Union has aprox. 630.000 beekeepers of which approx. 95% are hobby beekeepers with less than 50 hives. Increasing and improving their competences and skills in the safe treatment of pest and in colony management is key to reduce the colony losses, often over 20%, and to provide a solid basis for their economic viability. In the project BLESABEE a new training methodology will be developed and delivered to beekeepers. This project is focusing on three main outputs:

1. Creating an innovative blended learning training programme to strengthen the trainers' competences and skills in safe management and treatment of the honeybees,
2. Providing recommendation for the improvements in Slovak veterinary care legislation, with a focus on the honeybees, and
3. Preparing and testing a practical guide for the instructors in dual education and training in beekeeping.

ECODESIGN brings to the Blesabee partnership its unique knowledge on safe treatment method for the colonies, combined with experience in the area of development of curriculum, manuals and pilot testing of educational activities in the field of innovative education programmes through distance learning and assessment of learning.