A new challenge for beekeeping: The Vespa velutina

Vespa velutina is an invasive and aggressive hornet species that causes massive damage to apiaries and orchards in southern France. Its painful stings are of the highest danger, especially for allergy sufferers. It can be assumed that the Vespa will spread further in Europe.

The ECODESIGN company is a partner in the ERASMUS+ project to develop a comprehensive knowledge campaign to raise capacities amongst stakeholders to monitor, prevent, and control the Vespa. The project results in a technical guide, which will form the basis for international workshops that will train firefighters, beekeepers, and civil defense organizations to detect and control Vespa.

Information about the project will soon be published here.

The project partners are the beekeeping school in Bánska Bystrica (SK), the French beekeeping experts from ApiSaveurs, and the Czech beekeeping experts from PSNV.

The project  is funded within the EU program ERASMUS+ under the grant number: 2021-1-SK01-KA220-VET-000033144 (Duration: 01.11.2021 - 2023).