ECODESIGN at the Life Cycle Management Conference 2023!

Dr. Rainer Pamminger presented at the 2023 Life Cyle Management Conference, and discussed the results of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) we conduct in the H2020 EU project CO2Fokus.

The LCA addresses the upstream and core processes for the conversion of point source CO2 to Dimethyl ether (DME) through direct catalysis. Our poster showed the LCA results for the newly developed system, comprising the multi-channel reactor, the 3D printed catalyst, and the solid oxide electrolizer for hydrogen feed. The next step is the demonstration of the integrated pilot unit in Turkey next December 2023! For more information on the CO2Fokus project please check our references.

Photo: R. Pamminger, 2023;  Graphic: A. Díaz, M. Fasching, 2023.