We are exhibition partner at the Umweltarena in Switzerland!

The Environmental Arena (Umweltarena) in Spreitenbach, Switzerland is a place to learn, experience and get into action on different interconnected sustainability themes. With its over 40 exhibitions and guided tours, the Environmental Arena presents information and interactive learning opportunities about energy, nature, mobility, built environment, and many more themes. 

With our patented Varroa Controller for the chemical-free treatment of honeybees against the Varroa mites, we are proud to be a "Nature and Life Exhibition Partner" since February 2023!

In our chemical-free annual plan we use the Varroa Controller and our Duplex Frame Box. The Varroa Controller is designed and manufactured by us at the ECODESIGN company in Austria, and exported to Switzerland and many European countries since 2010.

Have joy with healthy and chemical-free honeybee colonies during the entire year. Learn more here !  

[Photo: Umweltarena, 2023]