To Grenoble with the 1st Climate Experience!

The Climate Experience of the Austrian Climate and Energy Funds is a program to visit European countriesto learn from already implemented ideas and best practices on a climate relevant topic, to stimulate new cooperations, as well as technology and knowledge transfer.
The theme of the 1st Climate experience, running from November 29 to December 02, 2022 was Sustainable heat supply - away from oil and gas!This 1st Climate Experience consisted of preparation, travel to France by train, various excursions and visits in Grenoble - the European Green Capital City of 2022, and exchange with over 23 participants from various Austrian sectors such as industry, research, academia, companies and local governments.
Dr. Díaz visited the eco-district Flaubert and the Presqu´ile eco-district, to explore the urban development process and the integration of the geothermal energy system. Followed by visits to a large intelligent comercial building hosting up to 1500 employees, and to the Biomax co-generation power plant of Grenoble Alpes Metropole; which is already producing heat and electricity from a 40 MW steam generator for 100,000 dwellings-equivalent.
The site visits concluded with a comprehensive and open presentation about participatory democracy and policy development processes at the Municipality of GrenobleGrenoble wants to inspire other French and European towns, cities and regions with its approaches to sustainable urban space, respect to people and to the environment.
All photos of Grenoble by A. Díaz, 2022 (top to bottom): Scale plan of Grenoble, view at the Presqu`ile eco-district, view of the Biomax Cogeneration plant and the Municipality house of Grenoble. 
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