IEA 4E publishes annual report 2021!

The International Energy Agency's 4E Technology Collaboration Program (IEA-4E) supports policymakers in developing measures to promote energy efficiency of electrical and electronic equipment traded globally, through targeted work in 4 Annexes.

The recently published 4E annual report describes the 2021 activities and highlights from:

  • Electric Motor Systems Annex - EMSA
  • Solid State Lighting Annex - SSL
  • Electronic Devices and Networks Annex - EDNA, and
  • Power Electronics Conversion Technology Annex - PECTA

Dr. Díaz from the ECODESIGN company GmbH is delegate at the 4E Executive Committee, and represents the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) in EDNA and PECTA. See more information here.