European Commission publishes a proposal for a New Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation

Many manufacturers are therefore now confronted with new requirements for their products and their environmental performance. These requirements include durability, repairability, resource efficiency, and many more. A new thinking is therefore necessary, both in terms of product design, but also with regard to existing, linear business models, in order to exploit the many benefits of Ecodesign and the Circular Economy.

The ECODESIGN company GmbH supports future-oriented companies in implementing the principles of Ecodesign and the Circular Economy, to fulfil provisions by the future ESPR and achieve competitive advantages. Services include the support in eco-intelligent product development, environmental assessments of products, target group oriented environmental communication or through the development of in-house competences on the topics of sustainability, Ecodesign and Circular Economy.

Find the proposal and supporting documents here.

Graph: EU COM 2022-140.