CO2Fokus & Life Cycle Thinking - Newsletter out now!

CO2Fokus aims to use CO2 to produce dimethyl ether (DME) through an innovative multi-channel reactor and a solid oxide fuel cell. ECODESIGN company is leading the work package Life Cycle Assessment - LCA, which has as main objective to assess not only the environmental (LCA) impacts but also the social (Social Life Cycle Assessment - S-LCA) and economic (Life Cycle Cost Analysis - LCCA) impacts of the technology.

In July 2021, a third newsletter was published describing the main current project activities. These include:

  • Collecting data for the Life Cycle Assessment work package.
  • Researching the social acceptability of the technology through comprehensive questionnaires
  • Organization of a workshop
  • Design and evaluation of a multi-channel reactor.

The newsletter is available here. Detailed project information is available on the CO2Fokus project webpage.