System efficiency policy paper at the 2021 eceee summer study!

HP Siderius (of the NL Agency), R. Brüniger (of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and Dr. Adriana Díaz (of ECODESIGN) published the paper "Transforming product efficiency policy into system efficiency policy", which was presented last June 11, 2021 at the eceee summer study.
This paper explores a methodological approach that can be used to move from product efficiency policy into system efficiency policy.

Relevant elements of the existing regulatory approaches to product efficiency are highlighted, also showing cases of systems and the regulatory challenges they entail. The paper maps the types of systems to selected regulatory options, and presents examples from regulatory approaches in the EU (for water pump units), and in the US and Canada (for walk-in coolers and freezers). The paper concludes with recommendations for further development of the system approach in energy efficiency policy.

This novel work is the result of a project of the IEA Technology Collaboration Program on Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment (4E).

Graphic (R. Grabler, ECODESIGN, 2021)