Successful 3rd event on Circular Public Procurement

We are working together with the Provincial Council of of Gipuzkoa and our partner Teknimap on  implementing Circular Public Procurement for Gipuzkoa, as part of their 100% Circular territory by 2050 strategy.

A third event was held on 19.02.2021 with representatives of local industry clusters and experts on circular public procurement. Two experts from Austria, Dr. Anna-Vera Deinhammer (Construction Department of the Municipality of Vienna) and DI Thomas Romm (BauKarussell) were the keynote speakers.

Dr. Deinhammer, head of the Vienna Do Tank "CircularCity 2020-2030" as well as municipal representative in the European "Big Buyers" initiative, showed experiences and lessons learned from the implementation of circular public procurement in the municipal and public building sector, both at local and European levels. Dr. Deinhammer discussed the importance of demonstration projects to gain experience, develop technical skills and evaluate feasibility of strategies to recover and reuse materials in public construction projects.

As active architect, founder of the iniciative BauKarussell, and expert to the Viennese ecological procurement program "Wien ÖkoKauf", Mr. Thomas Romm (DI) discussed the development of new procurement criteria and the need for life cycle product information in databases of construction materials. Taking as examples the recent construction projects at the Vienna Seestadt, the new Central Station, and the Wiener Berg, Mr. Romm gave insights on how such projects can incorporate sustainable and circular procurement of materials and services. Of special interest for the Gipuzkoa audience was his explanation on the social urban mining strategy, and its positive impacts beyond the construction projects.

Screenshot: ECODESIGN company GmbH, 2021.