Update on COVID-19

We understand that caring for our projects and for the bees cannot be stopped, even more so in this exceptional situation. That is why the entire team of ECODESIGN is making the maximum effort to guarantee the continuity of our projects and services as far as possible.

For those interested in learning online while staying home, we offer our software ECODESIGN+ for calculating the Carbon Footprint of Products. The software can be accessed with a free Demo account (valid for 3 days). Please write us if you would like to have this Demo account extended for another 10 days. All contact information below.

We continue to serve product orders for the Varroa Controller, the Duplex Frame Box, and the Handbook of heat treatment. Our deliveries continue either via logistic partners and/or with postal services. However, the national and international transport of good is external to our operations, and could experience unwanted delays under current conditions.

Our team is ready to answer your queries, please refer to our contacts:



ECODESIGN company GmbH Projects:

Dr. Adriana Díaz 

Mobile: +43 676 477 3994




Varroa Controller, Duplex Frame Boxes, and Hyperthermia Handbook:

Dr. Wolfgang Wimmer

Mobile: +43 699 101 127 20


https://www.varroa-controller.de/ in German

https://www.varroa-controller.com/ in English.



ECODESIGN+ software:

Dr. Rainer Pamminger



It is important that we show solidarity and support each other in these difficult times. We wish you stay healthy and fit to care for your family and colleagues.              

The team of the ECODESIGN company GmbH.  Vienna, April 02, 2020.