Future of European Beekeeping Conference 2020

The 2020 Conference "Future of Beekeeping" covered topics on the biology and the behavior of the invasive predator Asian hornet (Vespa velutina), as well as the Asian predator Varroa mite (Varroa destructor). The future of European beekeeping from the perspective of global trade with honeybees and hive products, as well as the successfull implementation of new concepts for effective control of the bee predators were also discussed.

The ECODESIGN company presented its future oriented, chemical-free Varroa treatment concept, with a unique portfolio of solutions for beekeepers: the Varroa Controller for the effective heat treatment against the Varroa mite, the Duplex Frame-box to trap the Varroa in the bee brood, and the multi-language, Apimondia award-winning learning materials and demonstration videos.

The conference video is avalable here.

This conference is part of the Blesabee initiative.

Photo (W. Wimmer, 2020)