ECODESIGN presented twice at the 2020 e-nova Conference

In 2020 the ECODESIGN company participated for the fourth time at the "e-nova" conference. Dr. Adriana Díaz presented two contributions in the session Smart Control and Electronic Conversion Technologies.

The first paper explored the potential and readiness of wide band gap (WBG) technologies for power conversion. The second paper discussed the methodology and selected results of the "Total Energy Model", which was developed to calculate the additional energy use of electronic devices when connected to networks.

In both cases Dr. Díaz discussed technical and user-related implications, as well as recommendations for policy makers to improve the energy efficiency of applications and systems in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

These papers paper are part of the work that the ECODESIGN company carries out since 2009 at the "Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment - 4E" Technology Collaboration Program of the IEA, on behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Climate, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology (BMK).

These papers were produced with information and results from EDNA - Electronic Devices and Networks Annex and from PECTA- Power Electronic Conversion Technology Annex

The conference proceedings are available here.

Graphic: 4E PECTA, 2020.