Apimondia 2019: gold medal for our ERASMUS+ project BLESABEE!

We are delighted to receive the gold medal for our publication BLESABEE - From Healthy Bees to Healthy Humans at this year's Apimondia in Montréal! In our publication, we describe a chemical-free beekeeping approach, with new and clever strategies to meet today´s beekeeping challenges.  Hyperthermia (heat treatment) represents the most important pillar for efficient and gentle Varroa control in this approach.  

The award of the Apimondia jury to our work is a significant step for moving sustainable and chemical-free beekeeping forward. More information on the BLESABEE project (in Slovak, German and English) is available scanning the code below, and clicking here.

Information on hyperthermia in apiculture and of our product Varroa Controller are available here.

More information on Apimondia is available here.

(Photo: W. Wimmer)