Workshops and Training

Are you looking to anchor the Ecodesign competence as the path to develop eco-intelligent products in your company? You want to develop products that fit in a Circular Economy model? Our training courses, ranging from technical presentations to in-house extended workshops can be of help.

You get first hand, in-depth knowledge our CEO Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wimmer is engaged in research at the TU Vienna, there he created the research area for Ecodesign and has written three main references on the subject:

  • ECODESIGN The Competitive Advantage
  • ECODESIGN Implementation

The content of our trainings is about raising awareness on environmental, energy, sustainability, and climate change. It presents the methodological approach for the development of eco-intelligent products by looking at the stakeholders, and the life cycle assessment. It includes examples of realized product assessments and improvements using Ecodesign.

The learned content is applied directly to a product example with training participants. Here the software ECODESIGN+ comes to use, and helps participants in calculating the Product Carbon Footprint in a case study, which includes also the identification and evaluation of concrete product improvements options.

The choices for appropriate environmental communication are presented, for example energy efficiency labels, CO2 footprint, environmental claims and Environmental Product and Declaration.

The choice of business model also has an influence on the overall environmental impact of products. For example in light of a future Circular Economy, the approaches of extending the service life of a product, and incorporating again products to their systems through service contracts for reuse and maintenance are part of the strategies addressed in such workshops.