Product development

We have extensive expertise and versatile tools for product development, and our over 10 years project experience covers all stages of maturity of the product development. We are ready to be your specialized and competent partner, from the first sketch to concept planning, through CAD design, finite elements analysis, thermal imaging, special measurements, preparation of technical documentation all the way to the elaboration of a prototype. Our experienced team, part of a network of various disciplines of research at the Vienna University of Technology, is ready to support you.

One of our references is the project eVienne - a light electric vehicle as an urban mobility solution. We completed the technical development, including CAD design and finite element calculation.
Furthermore, we have developed our own line of products for beekeeping supplies.

Long lasting, dismantling and reuse of parts are central aspects of our product development approach, to actively contribute to the reuse and recycling of products and to the Circular Economy. Here, we support you in the practical implementation and in addressing specific questions in the product development process.

Whether a start-up or an established business, we take care of dedicated tasks in product development and are your competent and specialized partner in the development process.
We support our customers through the innovation process with our knowledge on the environmental aspects of products, continually evaluating planned changes with the aim to achieve eco-intelligent products.