We have extensive experience on the topics of Ecodesign, Circular Economy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and work beyond the classical environmental assessment to cover product development tasks. We know the appropriate instruments for successful environmental marketing. With our facts based approach we offer courses and trainings, and work in research and development projects nationally and abroad.
We develop solutions with a sense of progressive action and the right knowledge regarding additional requirements such as standards compliance and economic objectives.
Our training and our own developed tools give your personnel the ability to solve ecodesign tasks themselves. This knowledge transfer enables capacity building and builds an attractive workplace.


Ecodesign is a process for developing and marketing eco-products. It ensures maximum benefit for the customer while causing only a minimum environmental impact.
This is our core competence. We begin every product improvement process by assessing the environmental performance of the product over the entire product life cycle. We then support you in improving the product with our ecodesign methodology and hands on approach, and provide you with the insights to communicate the environmental advantages of your product concisely.

Circular Economy

The aim of the circular economy is to "close the loop" at the end of a product life cycle to ensure that products, components and materials are refurbished, reused and recycled. This restorative industrial system is geared towards eliminating waste and retaining the value of products to bring benefits for both the environment and the economy.
By guiding you through the process from idea generation to implementation we can help you derive new product and business concepts, fit for the circular economy.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of interconnected goals including climate change, innovation and sustainable production patterns. The 17 SDGs are a universal call to action for governments, companies and the public and expand upon the Millennium Development Goals.
With our expertise we can support you in measuring, improving and communicating your contribution to achieving important SDGs.