Calculate, improve and communicate your PCF

ECODESIGN+ allows product developers, designers, and technical experts to calculate, understand, compare, improve and communicate the Product Carbon Footprint of their product. It uses the comprehensive LCI database Ecoinvent (v2.2) and established full life cycle assessment (LCA) practices (ISO 14040/44) for its calculations.


Collaborate online

ECODESIGN+ supports team collaboration to model common parts and components. It also allows you to exchange data along the value chain e.g. collaboration with suppliers. The software runs in any modern browser and access can easily be managed through user licenses.


User friendly, responsive & quick reporting

ECODESIGN+ requires no prior knowledge of environmental assessment, LCA or Ecodesign. The display of results adjusts automatically as soon as data is entered or updated to give you responsive feedback to any changes. The quick reporting function summarizes valuable information along the entire life cycle of the product to facilitate the communication of the results.