ECODESIGN company and TEKNIMAP agree cooperation in Spain

ECODESIGN company GmbH and TEKNIMAP Energía y Medio Ambiente S.L. join to offer services to the Spanish market.

ECODESIGN will provide the product level technical know-how and assessment expertise while TEKNIMAP provides expertise and resources at the organization level. TEKNIMAP is a consultancy with over 24 years of successful activities, over 800 reference projects, and with offices in Gipuzkoa and Navarra. TEKNIMAP works with industries, public organizations, and regional authorities, particularly focusing on water, air, soil and waste, and performs environmental assessments and risk audits, safety inspections, environmental impact studies, authorization and permit processes, as well as developing environmental, and safety management programs.

The objective of this collaboration is to develop joint activities and offer consultancy services in the fields of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), products development and Ecodesign, as well as Environmental, Water and Carbon footprints.