ECODESIGN+ educational licenses now available!

ECODESIGN+ is a web-based software to calculate, understand, compare and improve the Product Carbon Footprint of products. It is ideally suited for courses on:

  • Life cycle thinking
  • Circular economy
  • Ecodesign
  • Product development
  • Sustainable manufacturing

It is already widely used in teaching, at the Vienna University of Technology, at the Austrian Marketing University of Applied Sciences as well as the Danube-University Krems and has been tested at further Universities:

“ECODESIGN+ is easy to use, helps to understand life cycle phases and helps a company to better understand where its emissions are coming from.
Dr. Mladen Radišić, Assistant Professor
Department for Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia

“I would recommend ECODESIGN+ because it provides early assessments, very useful for future product development.”
Xenofon Lemperos, Master Student
Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, KTH in Stockholm, Sweden

ECODESIGN+ is web-based, runs on any web browser (no installation is needed) and can therefore be managed remotely.

A teaching license includes:

  • An administrator account (and 4 tutor accounts) to…
    • manage student accounts
    • access, review, edit all student works
    • share successful product models
    • publish examples (assignments) for the class
  • Up to 40 simultaneous student user accounts
  • (additional student accounts are possible)
  • Web-access to the tool from anywhere, anytime.
  • Comprehensive LCI database ecoinvent (v2.2)

Price: € 2.300,- (without VAT) per semester (one year + € 400,-)

Test it for free!